Galentine’s Glam 💅💇🏻‍♀️

Anyone else feel that winter “blah” feeling this time of year?? After three weeks of school closures for my kids due to the COVID surge and then being stuck in the house due to an ice storm yesterday, I’m SO ready to focus on myself for a bit!!

Selfish?? Nope

Necessary?? YES!!

So this past week, I teamed up with some awesome women business owners and friends for a “Galentine’s Day Glam” event- and it was super fun to find some incredible products to add to my own self-care toolkit…and to gift to some important women in my life too!! I wanted to share some of the products with you all, because I think you deserve it too!!

First- who doesn’t just LOVE the way they feel after a fresh mani?? For some reason, it changes my whole vibe. But…when do I get time to actually do that?? Umm…never!

So, we bring you Color Street! I just love that it takes minutes to give myself a whole manicure, I really love how long it lasts and I love that I can’t mess it up!! Seeing how horrendous I am at painting my nails, this is a major win!! Also- you can’t beat the price of these things!! Shop here for some pretty awesome nail sets:

Now that your nails are looking amazing, how about we focus on skincare?? You know me, and you know I believe that your skin is a window into overall health. If your skin, hair and nails aren’t quite where you want them to be, I’d recommend taking a look at nutrition, stress and sleep FIRST. I’m a huge believer in cellular cleansing to rid the body of toxins and impurities, replenishing the body with vital nutrients, and making sure you get some form of adaptogens in your body daily. Once you do that, then you can start focusing on a liquid collagen supplement to enhance the look of your hair skin and nails. I’ve been using mine for 11 months now and couldn’t be happier!! Here’s my link to shop whatever you might be missing from your health/beauty toolkit:

And…once you start taking care of the HEALTH of your skin and body, don’t smother toxic stuff all over it and mess it up again!! This girl who used retail makeup for wayyyy too long is here to tell you that the ingredients you put on your skin matter!! I love the Seint uses so few ingredients in their products- that matters a lot to me. I also love the incredible CONVENIENCE and EASE of having everything I need in one small palette- it could not be easier to travel with this makeup!! Click here to get your complimentary color match- you won’t regret it:

Now, you’ve all heard me talk about CBD before and how it has helped me manage chronic anxiety and insomnia. If you deal with either of those things on a daily basis (or stress or pain), I really think it’s worth looking into a well researched, clinically validated, CLEAN CBD supplement. I love the tinctures and gummies and would gift them to everyone in my life if I could. But, since I can’t, I’m sharing this website with you, cause they’re offering some incredible deals right now!!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, I bring you your solution to healthy, affordable, allergy friendly meal kits and kitchen solutions…because who doesn’t love healthy recipes that are also quick and affordable. And, as a carb lover who has had to switch to more gluten free meals over the years, I can tell you…you need their brownies and cupcakes in your life!! I made the chocolate cupcakes for my son’s birthday and no one could believe they were gluten free! And they disappeared well before all of the gluten filled snacks were touched! Shop here for your kitchen solutions:

Let’s all just treat ourselves to a few things on this list. It’s been a long winter already- we deserve it!!

I’d love to hear what you try from this list, so please share!!

Back to getting some work done while the kids are napping. Or…maybe just a few more minutes of shopping???


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