Heading out tonight?! Read this first 🍱🍸🌯🍻

Hi friends! Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!!

Tonight is my annual “Christmas in March” get together with my best friends that I grew up with. Yeah- it’s a thing. December is just so crazy busy, all of us with young kids are battling the January germs, and Feb is a short month. So, we started celebrating our holidays with each other and our families in March a few years ago and, hey, I kinda like it…cause let’s be honest, March feels like the LONGEST month ever!!!

So, we’re all getting babysitters and heading out tonight, then doing a kids’ party tomorrow. But, even for such a short trip out of town, my husband and I, and the kids, notice when we’re away from our own kitchen for a few meals. So, in planning how to keep myself feeling my best these next few days, I thought I’d share some of my fave tips for eating out- while staying on track with health goals AND having fun!!

✅Start your day off right! You know the best way to enjoy a really good meal without feeling crazy bloated after?? Don’t starve yourself all day and don’t make it a whole day of indulgence either. I always start my day with my superfood shake, have fruits, veggies and whole food for my snacks and stay on top of my water intake. That way I’m not starving when I get to the restaurant, which is when we’re most likely to make a not so great menu choice.

✅ Choose an à la carte restaurant over a buffet to avoid over-eating. Restaurants with a pool or dance floor are great weekend destinations. A picnic spot or a resort where you can play different games are also great destinations to spend your weekend in a healthy way.

✅ Try a salad 🥗 before a meal – – not only is it full of nutrients, but it will curb hunger and keep you from over-eating. Try using lemon 🍋, vinegar, and a little olive oil as a dressing. If you get a house dressing, definitely ask for it on the side.

✅ Order Wisely: choose grilled, baked or steamed items and look for lean poultry, fish or a vegetarian protein. Ask for veggies for atleast one of the sides- and ask for them to not be cooked in butter or oils, as restaurants almost always use the more inflammatory oils for any cooking.

✅ Don’t hate me, but I always order a drink or appetizer, not both. Our bodies are truly meant to metabolize food in smaller amounts than we get at restaurants, so I try to remember this and leave some food on my plate too.

✅Don’t forget your water! These days, I feel great when I stick to one drink, but if you tend to do more, drink a glass of water or seltzer in between alchohol drinks. Again, not always easy but always worth it!

I feel like you all know these tips already, but sometimes they are good reminders. Maybe writing this was really just to keep myself accountable tonight??

Happy weekend, all!! Enjoy every moment ✨✨✨