A day in the life…

I know I’ve been MIA lately, but I’m just having the most AMAZING summer with my little guy. And guys, the busy life of toddlerhood is no joke…there’s trips to the park, yoga and swim classes and LOTS of outside time. And the transition from two naps to one was an eye opener… I thought I had no time to get stuff done before, but now the struggle is REAL.

But it is nap time (for the time being, anyway), and I just don’t feel like doing laundry or dishes. So here I am, making a quick appearance to talk to you about something clients ask me ALL the time: what the heck do I eat in a day?? Do I only drink shakes??? Do I eat cookies ever or drink wine????

Answers as follows:
1. We’ll come back to this.
2. Definitely not, but I do LOVE my superfood shakes
3. Definitely and most definitely (in fact, we’ve been baking a lot of 🍪  lately)

I do appreciate clients asking me this though. I think it’s important that people realize life, and food, is to be enjoyed. But that if you have specific wellness and fitness goals in mind, what you eat makes all the difference. So let’s get back to #1…

I think I’ll just run you through a typical day.

6 AM: This might seem early for some, but this Mama has already been up and gotten ready for my day. So right about now I sit down at my desk, write in my gratitude journal and sip this adaptogenic tea. When I drink this regularly, I notice the biggest difference in my mood, sleep and energy levels.
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8 AM: After training a few virtual clients and getting my son ready for the day, I’m ready for breakfast. Almost every morning, it’s this superfoods shake: Image may contain: Jessica Treadwell, smiling, drink and closeup

If I have some extra time, I’ll make scrambled eggs with veggies and fruit or whole grain toast.

11 AM Time for a snack! This is probably the hardest thing for clients. But I’ll say this – DON’T SKIP YOUR SNACKS. I also practice protein pacing, so I make sure every meal and snack I eat has some healthy protein paired with some healthy carbs or fats. I’ll usually go for some berries with raw nuts or string cheese. When I’m really in a rush, it’s half of my favorite protein bar.

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1 PM: Lunch! ALWAYS my superfood shake. I actually crave it so much that I brought my blender on vacation with me!!

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4 PM: Here I go, snacking again…super important to keep your metabolism going. Veggies and hummus or homemade roasted chickpeas are a recent favorite.

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7:30 PM:

  • Toddler asleep (well, in bed atleast…)
  • Time for dinner with my hubby. We do some vegan meals, we LOVE the Instapot and once a month or so we indulge in a week of our favorite home delivery meal service. But my favorite meal to make is quick and easy: maple glazed salmon, black rice and roasted brussels sprouts. Such goodness right there!
  • And yes…sometimes a glass of wine

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9 PM: If I’m not getting ready for bed (don’t knock it, I get up early), I may have a Greek yogurt (I always read the labels closely to check for low sugar and NO artificial sweeteners). Protein before bed helps build those muscles!

And THAT is how you keep up with a business and                                                                       VERY energetic toddler!

Tune in again soon…with Summer winding down, I’ll be making a few more appearances 🙂