Individual sessions:  Perfect for new exercisers, those who may feel a bit shy in a group, or clients with very specific fitness and health related goals. Your individual training sessions will be designed to help you meet your goals through fun training sessions and a focus on client-centered, short-term goals. Sessions take place in the convenience of clients homes or public workout spaces.

Small group sessions:  For those looking for fun fitness sessions with their friends, spouses, neighbors or co-workers. A combination of strength training, cardiovascular endurance training, higher intensity intervals and flexibility, all in a fun and supportive group of 2-4 participants. Clients benefit from the accountability of a small group, not to mention the significant cost savings and social support the group provides.

Event training: Specific event training is perfect for those clients looking to train for endurance events, their first 5k, or to get ready for an upcoming wedding. Each session is set up to follow a careful progression, and weekly goals are established to support the training and long-term goal attainment.

Fitness Evaluations:  Fitness evaluations are a valuable start to any training program, and provide both the client and trainer with necessary information about a client’s baseline measurements of fitness. Goals and training sessions are developed based on the assessment results. Fitness evaluations can be done as a single session, or a part of any training package.

Virtual training:  Traveling for work or pleasure need not mean one has to sacrifice their fitness goals and progress made in their program. Skype sessions serve as a great substitute to on-site training and provide accountability to a training program in between in-person sessions.

Program design:  Another option for clients who are traveling or looking to save on training costs, program designs are written workout sessions provided to clients looking to train on their own in between on-site training sessions. Includes weekly email communication with the trainer to ensure continued progress toward all client goals.

Client referral program: For any client referral you make that results in the purchase of any personal training package, you will receive one free training session of your choice toward your individual, partner or group package. And there are no limits to the number of free sessions you can accumulate…so keep those referrals coming!


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