(New Years) Resolutions

It’s January 8th…and a Wednesday…so chances are, you might be having some trouble sticking out those New Year’s resolutions you so enthusiastically made last Tuesday night (it sounded like a great plan when it was fueled by champagne and your girlfriend’s or husband’s promise to commit to a healthy change with you , didn’t it?? Daily, 5 AM gym sessions…no problem! Green smoothies instead of coffee every morning…yum!). But now it’s a week later, it’s dark and freezing in the morning, and getting back to a full-time work schedule after the holidays has been rough. Maybe you already gave up on  your resolutions, or maybe you’re telling yourself that it’s just gonna be too hard to stick to them. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not, and that there’s never a bad time to start living your healthy lifestyle. I love the timing of New Years Resolutions…the idea of “cleansing” our bodies after the overindulgence of the holidays, the collective enthusiasm of our friends, family members and colleagues as everyone embarks on their goals at the same time. But January 1st isn’t the only time you can start your journey toward a healthier you. January 8th works too. Or Feb. 1st. The point is, it’s not the day that you commit to your goals that matters…it’s the planning you put into them to guarantee success, it’s the reinforcements you give yourself every step of the way (and I mean every step, if that’s what it takes…every workout, every day you stick to your healthy eating plan…whatever it takes), and it’s starting right back where you left off if you have a bad day, or week. It’s finding the right people to support you along the way and participate in healthy activities with you, even replacing some of the less healthy activities for the time being. Leading a healthy lifestyle is a daily choice, albeit a difficult one, but it’s achievable. Not just in January, but the whole year through…

Here’s a quick article to inspire you to set, and keep, your goals this year:


Wishing all of my family, friends, clients and fellow fitness enthusiasts much health and happiness in the New Year!


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