Heart Smart

In honor of American Hearth Month, here’s a quick read to get ya’ll thinking about ways to keep your heart healthy:


My take on this? Here’s what I think we should do:

1. At noon time, instead of just walking to the cafeteria at work or driving to that sub shop up the street, take a quick walk around your building before you go grab your lunch. 5 minutes is good. Do it again tomorrow. And the rest of this week. Reflect on how it feels to actually move your body for just a few minutes.

2. Tonight, plan your meals for tomorrow. Maybe pack a lunch instead of buying one. Include a fruit or vegetable in each meal. See, this isn’t hard, right??

3. Just one night this week, set your DVR to record your favorite TV show and start heading to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual. You’d be surprised what a little extra sleep does…you may not even crave that bagel and coffee tomorrow morning…

I’m committing to these three goals this week. Whose with me??

Happy Heart Month!!


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