Short-term goals for long-term success

I love this article because it supports a philosophy that I love…fitness and health are not unattainable. In fact, the very opposite is true: EVERYONE can get healthier, happier, calmer. No matter where you’re at right now in your healthy journey, there are little things you can do every day to make you a healthier person and improve your quality of life.

One of the strategies I use often with clients is establishing short-term goals. I’m talking really short-term. It’s the best way to create healthy lifestyle habits, and easily fit them into an already existing, busy schedule. If you want to lose 20 pounds, but you haven’t worked out since your high school sports days, I don’t want to hear you say that you’ll go to the gym 5 days every week. Because you may not. And that’s ok…in fact, you probably shouldn’t start such a rigorous schedule from the get-go. What I want to hear instead: “I’m going to take the stairs up to my 3rd floor office ONCE this week. Only once.” And you know what? When you do it, you’ll realized you survived. And it’s only Monday. Maybe you’ll even do it again on Wednesday…and Friday. And when you meet with me for our session on Saturday, you’ll have exceeded your goal. The stairs will no longer seem impossible. Next week, we’ll shoot for a goal of taking the stairs once per day. And before you know it, you’ll walk by the elevator every time without a glance. And your heart and lungs will thank you…

This situation may exaggerated, but it’s not at all. How many people take the elevator instead of the stairs up to their second floor office? And that’s ok. I’m not judging, I swear. I’m just encouraging you to take the stairs once this week, maybe twice next week. You get the gist.

So read this article. Choose 3 easy lifestyle habits you can implement in your daily life. Start with small goals…and realistic expectations. You’re a busy mom/dad/wife/boyfriend/employee/business owner/etc… But you want to be healthier, to feel more fit, and to live a long and healthy life. Choose easy ways to make healthy habits, and over time, that’s exactly what you’ll do.


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