Throwback Thursday!

Happy “Throwback Thursday” readers! Instead of embarrassing pictures from my youth (wayyy too many to choose from), I’m celebrating this week with a special workout, because I was just remembering how working out used to be fun. Owing in part to the fact that we didn’t call it working out as kids, and also because being outside makes everything better. I’m encouraging all my readers to have fun with your workouts today. Get outside, soak up the sun, and work up a sweat without boredom. Here are a few “workouts” from your past worth revisiting:

  1. Jump rope for 5 minutes
  2. Hula hoop for 10
  3. Jump on a trampoline for 15
  4. Create an obstacle course in the backyard with the kids. Make sure it involves climbing under something, jumping over objects and at least one sprint. Run through three obstacle courses as fast as you can, aiming to beat your time each round.
  5. Hopscotch. It’s pretty awesome, still.
  6. Dust off your bike, grab your partner or a friend, and head out for a bike ride right after work.
  7. Or, try this “Throwback Thursday Circuit” when you bring the kids to the nearby park:

Jump rope or jumping jacks – 100 jumps

Monkey bars – Swing across 2x

Suspended pull ups (holding swing)- 12x

Walking planks – 20x

Crab walk – 20x

Hanging knee tucks, from monkey bars or a sturdy tree branch – 15x

Rope/ladder climb – 3x

Swings! 5 minutes…or much longer. Have fun!

Repeat 2-3x…and don’t forget to stretch at the end 🙂

I’m so sure you’ll enjoy the many benefits of exercising outside once you get started. Feel free to share some of your “throwback Thursday” exercises…


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