Healthy habits (plus chocolate)

Is it halfway through March already?? You wouldn’t know it, with 2 feet of snow outside my office window, but Spring really is around the corner…I swear!!

Now, March isn’t really my favorite month, I must confess. BUT, I do LOVE that it’s National Nutrition Month!! A time to reflect on something that I am SO passionate about, and hopefully inspire a few of you to love your nutrition just a little bit more too.

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I was talking to a client last night about our nutrition philosophies, and I realized just what I think this healthy life thing is all about. I mean, I’ve been a trainer and health coach for 13 years now, so I’ve definitely seen a lot of fads come and go, and have certainly tried a few myself. But mostly, I’ve stuck to a routine that works for me…and, thankfully, I feel better now, at 33, than I did at 20. It’s been 13 years of slowly adopting healthier habits that stick over time, finding what works best for my body, learning to NOURISH my body instead of just feed it, learning that life is too good to avoid entire food groups, and making consistent choices MOST of the time to fuel my health, my energy and my fitness. I think I live the 80/20 rule without having to consciously plan for that. We love cooking in at home, and we now know how to cook some veggies and grains that I didn’t even know existed 10 years ago. I eat mostly plant-based diet, but I enjoy fish and dairy sometimes. I practice protein pacing so that I can continue to get stronger in my workouts. I utilize nutritional cleansing to support long-term health and a healthy weight. I don’t skip meals, I enjoy wine and cookies, I check my macros every once and a while to make sure I’m on track. Oh, and I eat chocolate. Cause no one should live without chocolate.

And the best part…none of this feels hard to me. Ever.


All of these changes didn’t happen over time. 13 years people! But I made the decision in my 20s that, if I was going to help others achieve better health and fitness through my work, I better take some of my own advice. I’m not perfect, but I’m healthier, stronger and more energetic every year. And so are my clients.


Change doesn’t happen overnight. Real, sustainable change takes time, initial effort, patience and persistence. But it’s always worth it.


How are you celebrating National Nutrition Month??


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