Laughs, tears and lots of in between

Here we are…the end of another crazy year. A year that started out with some optimism but had lots of ups and downs along the way. Like any other year, I’ve been taking these last few days in December to reflect on it all and I’m choosing to end the year in gratitude, optimism and a plan for healing and growth.

(My daily affirmations from this app have helped to shape this thinking a lot!)

This year, I’ve continued to grow as a person, which has helped me in all of my roles…parent, Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I’ve continued to develop tools to deal with what started as postpartum anxiety two years ago and developed into the anxieties and stress so many of us are dealing with in this pandemic. I’ve focused on healing and facilitating the healing of my students and clients…and I am grateful for what the very hard parts of life have taught me and continue to.

I am grateful for this healthy, strong, beautiful family of mine. My kids have learned to fight with each other, they have some pretty epic meltdowns and sometimes it feels like days are absolute chaos. But we are happy. Most nights, you can find us dancing around the kitchen to loud Disney music, snuggling with our favorite books and building LEGO’s…oh so many legos. When I am stressed or scared, I remember that this home and family Adam and I have built is strong, it’s safe, and it’s capable of holding up in the storms

I am grateful for my work and the chance it affords me to witness the resilience of children and families who have overcome so much. And truthfully, this pandemic has allowed me the opportunity to work with my student’s families much more closely, and see progress like I’ve never seen before.

And I am deeply grateful for the chance to help others find a path to wellness, through both training and my wellness store. Even during this historically stressful time, my clients are focusing on self-care and meeting wellness goals that once felt so out of reach.

And I am so, so, so grateful for community. Five years ago, I found a tribe of entrepreneurs in the wellness field and we have had the chance to lift each other up and make a huge impact on this world. 2022 will only get better and better for our group!!

And lastly, my friends and family. We’ve all had so many ups and downs this year, but knowing I have so many people to call at any time-the importance of that does not escape me, ever

Wishing you all peace, calm, strength, health and pure joy in 2022. Onward!!




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