Distracted much????

I put this book aside as life got crazy, but I’m finally getting back to it and, man, it’s like the author is speaking right to me!!

It has become very clear to me how accessible we are at all times. My watch buzzes as I’m (finally) drifting to sleep at night or I get a notification on my phone as I’m playing with or reading to the kids. I sit down to finally catch up on work emails and, as my computer is loading, I become distracted by messages and spend 20 minutes responding. It can become so difficult to truly be present wjth ANYTHING, cause we’re trying to be present with EVERYTHING.

Anyway- this book is full of some useful tips. Not alot of what I didn’t know already, but some good reminders about strategies to implement and why I need to start doing that now. Our brains actually become addicted to distraction- crazy, right?!!

I’ve been time blocking a bit more consistently lately with work and putting my phone away and out of sight for two hour blocks at a time when home. The watch might be next, but let’s not get too crazy 😂😂😂

I’d love to hear if you’ve read this book and found any strategies particularly helpful??


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