Staying healthy on vacation- yes, it is possible!!

Hi friends! I’ve been MIA for a few weeks getting ready for and then enjoying a truly magical (and equally exhausting) family vacation to Disney! It was an incredible 8 days- the kids had the BEST time.
I love traveling. I’ve missed it the last few years and I’m so grateful to be back to it. But, I also really need some amount of routine in my life- when it comes to workouts, nutrition and supplements. It’s just who I am and I’m healthier and happier when I stay somewhat consistent with the fundamentals.

Thankfully I somehow found some healthy-ish food at our resort and some of the Disney parks. I brought my daily cbd, magnesium and shakes with me for better sleep, decreased anxiety, prevention of the oh so common “travel belly” and healthy (and cheaper) breakfasts. So, now it just came down to the workouts…

I know vacation workouts aren’t for everyone, but they’re a must for me (and my sanity!). I managed to squeeze in short you tube workouts after we visited the Disney parks every day…mainly barre and cardio workouts. Then, on our dedicated resort/pool day, I was able to get a workout in in the morning, while the kids had their breakfast.

Here’s what I did-
Quick hotel room workout- “Nifty 50”. 50 reps of each move (per side). No equipment needed, break it up into however many reps you want at a time, and you’ll be done in under 20 minutes (but don’t forget a dynamic warm up and cool down).

✨High knees

✨Step back lunges

Wanna burn fat? Wanna get stronger? Wanna increase your endurance?? Do lunges!

✨Tricep dips

I don’t suggest these with a 35 pound kid on your lap, but whatever it takes to finish my workout!

✨tabletop crunches

✨Push ups

The ultimate do anywhere, tone everything move. An oldie, but a goodie 👌👌

Most of my training clients know how much I love these easy travel workouts. Hope you find it useful on your next trip too!

To your health,



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