Holiday Survival- Part 1!

✨How to feel your best this holiday season ✨

Ok guys- holidays have officially started!! Anyone else still working off the Thanksgiving bloat??

Listen- the holidays should absolutely be enjoyed- but that doesn’t mean we have to feel terrible for 2-3 months either. Which is why I focus on consistent habits to keep my body feeling it’s best throughout these busy, stressful and indulgent few months.

Each week this month, I’m gonna try to pop on and share about one tool I use to combat holiday stress, fatigue, bloat, etc…
And this week, I’m gonna talk about one of my fave topics- NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING!!

Now, before you start thinking this is some crazy buzzword and not for you, see how many of these numbers might apply to you today:

9 signs you are READY for nutritional rebalancing:

1) You can’t button your favorite pants 👖

2) You can’t control your cravings 🍕🍟🍪

3) You eat a full meal & still feel hungry 😜

4) You aren’t regular💩

5) You don’t want to try ANOTHER diet 🍎

6) You want real results, not a quick fix 🙌

7) You have to take naps everyday to function 😴

8)You live to eat food, instead of eat food to live🍧

9)You survive the day drinking a ton of coffee, soda, or inhaling handfuls of candy. ☕🍭

You’re not alone in any of this, btw… But…

Holidays are here and it doesn’t have to be the same this year. Join my next 7 day reset (starts Dec 5th). Even better, take advantage of some incredible sales (BOGO on the 7 day reset kit) by shopping here:

And stay tuned for next week’s tool in your Holiday Survival Toolkit! 🧰

To your health, ~Jess


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