Sunday Funday

After a night eating out with friends (and maybe enjoying some delicious cocktails), my wonderfully energetic sister and I decided to start our Sunday morning off in the gym. I usually try to get a workout in on Sundays, but this week it’s especially important, since I’ll be traveling later in the week and work is expected to be beyond busy. So, even though it’s the one day we can sleep in, we set our alarms for 7:30, and got right to it.

Working out on a Sunday is definitely a great way to start off the week. Sweat out those toxins from the indulgent weekend, get a head start on energy balance for the day (even if you might be brunching later…actually, especially if you’ll be brunching later), and give yourself a boost of both energy and calmness for the week ahead. Sure, we could have slept in, woke up to bagels and coffee (seriously tempting, I must admit…), and watched reality TV til we could drag ourselves off the couch. But we fought the urge, made it to the gym, and are now ready to tackle the week ahead. After our afternoon pedicures, of course…


*My beautiful sister and me, post Sunday workout *


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