Being kind to yourself

One of the questions I get from many of my clients is “should I exercise if I’m sick?” Many of us struggle with this…we’re so short on time anyway, shouldn’t we just push through our workouts, even if we’re not 100% well? Or is getting adequate rest more beneficial than exercise when your body is fighting something off? My thoughts are always that it depends on the person, and that everyone needs to understand their own reactions to sickness when deciding if they should sit out a session or power through. This short article shares the same idea:

I’m struggling a bit myself this week, as I had a minor surgery yesterday, and am already going quite stir crazy in the house (especially since it’s finally nice running weather!). Though I’m technically “cleared” to do a light workout, I’ve made the decision to forget the workout routine for a few days, and instead focus on letting my body heal. Drinking lots of water and tea, sleeping more than I usually do, and focusing on healthy, whole foods to facilitate my recovery. A walk with the hubby later to enjoy some fresh air, and forgiving myself for finally finishing that book I’ve been reading instead of cleaning the house. Basically, I’m being kind to myself. I’m accepting that I can’t be 100% all the time. And after a few days of extra rest, wholesome nutrition and less stress, I’m ready to go at that workout routine with all I’ve got come Monday.

Working out is important, and it’s an integral part of my life. But, I think it’s important for people to understand that, as long as it truly is a part of your life, skipping the workout for a few days to let yourself heal is important. Set a time limit and enlist the help you need to get started again. Make a plan. And then get started again. But for now, be kind to yourself…you are strong, you are fit and you are getting to the healthiest place you can be.



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