Marathon 2014

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Boston Marathon, mile 19. April 21st, 2014. Photo credits to my amazing husband, Adam Treadwell ❤


Yesterday was such a great day to be in Boston. The weather was beautiful, the runners were amazing, and the feeling of “Boston Strong” echoed through the hearts and minds of everyone near the city. Watching from mile 19, my husband, my niece and I were in awe of the strength of the runners and the strength of our city. Such an inspiring day!

My very favorite thing about the Marathon is the attention and fundraising that it draws to so many worthy charities. Training for any new race is a difficult pursuit, no doubt, but the combination of fitness and fundraising is just so incredible. So guess what I’m doing today?? Looking up my next charity fitness event, of course… And I’m hoping my clients, friends and family will do the same. So, for the next 6 months, I’m happily granting a free training session to any client who participates in a charity fitness event of any kind…be it a walk, run, bike ride or Ironman. Spring is such a perfect time to start training. So lets get outside today…it’s gorgeous out, and that 5 K isn’t gonna run itself! 🙂


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