I am writing this review for Jessica Reynolds because after a lifetime of struggling with my weight and looking for quick fixes, I somehow stumbled on her website and found my perfect trainer. I have worked with trainers before but never found a good match. A little about me: I have gained quite a bit of weight in the last few years and lost my motivation to workout mostly because I felt overwhelmed and quickly defeated.  So I when I first decided to work with Jessica, I was hesitant and even said I will just try a package of 10 sessions and see how I feel after.


During my first session with Jessica, she made a comment that has stuck with me and immediately set her apart from the rest. She said this is going to take a long time but think how you will feel a year from now. I know this isn’t rocket science, but in my experience with trainers, they have always had a quick fix goal for me, wanting to see results right away and pushing me beyond my limits and eventually making me want to stop the process.


Jessica is completely different, her main focus isn’t immediate weight lost (which of course comes with hard work and her complete dedication to each one of her clients) but more a lifestyle change that will last beyond just reaching a number goal. Her focus is individualized, she wants each of her clients to make small changes, which will impact their lives and have positive long-term effects.


Since working out with her, I have stopped thinking of food as the enemy. I make healthy food choices 90% of the time and workout, as many days as I can, at this point this is the most realistic and sustainable change for me. Everyday, I continue to improve with her guidance and support.  Initially the weight was coming off very slowly and she could see I was becoming discouraged, but she would not allow me to quit. She kept checking in with me through out those few weeks, getting me through that hump that in history was when I found myself giving up. She continued to remind me everyday I was transforming just by the positive choices I was making and soon it will pay off. And she was right; the weight is starting to come off more consistently (in her words— slow and steady)! She is completely committed to having her clients be their healthiest and her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious.


I love working out with her, although the amount of complaining I do, she may not actually know that, but she makes me get to the end of each workout even when I think the routine is impossible. Jessica also works hard to keep each routine exciting, unique and fun. In fact, I injured my ankle the first month we started working together and she made sure the workouts were still challenging without hurting my ankle any more.


If you are ready for a change and a true transformation (not just physically) this is the trainer for you. I have continued to purchase the 10 sessions over and over again.  I am looking forward to seeing my progress throughout this first year, but of course, I will never leave Jessica so my transformation will continue beyond just this year.



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