Archana from Boston, MA

I have been working with Jessica Reynolds for the past four months and in that time, I have gained strength and lost weight. I have never truly pushed myself physically or even been too excited about working out. It has always been a means to an end. But ever since I started working with Jessica, I am not only excited to workout but have also seen great strides in my ability to do exercises I never thought possible. Recently she decided that I should try to run a 5K (something I thought was impossible) and has been preparing me slowly. I am running more than I probably ever have in my life. Jessica is a tiny little person and is very sweet but can also be a bit of a scary Sergeant.  It’s like she always knows what I need, whether it be tough love or understanding. But always very encouraging and motivating. Her workouts are the perfect balance between challenging and fun. Initially, my only reason for getting a personal trainer was to lose weight; I had no idea all the other great things that would come with it. I have more energy, my mood is better, I feel healthier, I am eating better and of course I am also losing weight.



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