My new hero product

Anyone here ever feel stressed???

Yeah…thought so…

I thought I was stressed before the pandemic, but the last few years brought it to a WHOLE new level. I don’t know about you all, but I still am very anxious about COVID, I’m balancing work and mom life and it’s only getting more complicated to balance as this pandemic goes on. Oh, and then there’s the normal fun of those two year old tantrums we navigate every day…

I wouldn’t trade my work or the chance to parent these beautiful humans for the world, but that doesn’t mean that the chronic stress of “fight or flight” mode can’t wear me down. In fact, chronic stress, from any source, is downright dangerous. Here are the 3 types of stress that we all face in life:

1. Emotional stress: This could be the rage that arises when someone cuts us off in traffic, or when we’re facing financial difficulties.
2. Physical stress: This can come from some sort of physical injury. For example, bumping your knee against a chair or cutting a finger while cooking.
3. Chemical stress: This results from exposure to toxins, such as pesticides, processed food, dirty water, and so on.

All stress is handled in the same way: the adrenals kick in and release anti-inflammatory hormones (such as cortisol).
So, based on all this, we can start to see why chronic stress of any kind is harmful.
This highlights just how strongly we need something that can help us manage stress. (excerpt from livewellzone)

That “something” for me is Adaptogen Elixir

I’ve been taking this elixir since August, and it’s fair to say I was skeptical at first. Like, super skeptical. But I’ve truly noticed a difference- namely just an overall feeling of calm and feeling less prone to react so strongly to stressors throughout the day. And, taking it closer to bedtime definitely helps with sleep!!

Gratitude journaling, daily affirmations, meditation, high quality CBD and ADAPTOGENS….all part of my stress relief toolkit. Because it takes a lot of tools to combat a lot of stressors. Oh, and exercise OF COURSE!! What do you find is the best way to relieve stress in your daily life???

Here’s a link to my wellness store if you want to try the elixir, risk free. Let’s look get ready to calm the chaos!!

Happy Friday, friends!! Cheers to a relaxing weekend!!


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