Workout bands that WORK!

Guys- these last few weeks have been CRAZY at work. I’m a school based Occupational Therapist, and the fall is always busy with evaluations and documentation…and the pandemic has only made things busier (if you know a teacher or school therapist, give them some love these days!). Needless to say, it’s been hard to squeeze in a full gym workout, or even anything longer than 20 minutes at home.

So today, I took out these new bands and quickly ran through this routine (note my super adorable workout partner):

✨squats (20 reps)

✨curtsie lunges (15-20 reps per side)

✨fire hydrants (15 per side)

✨clam shells (20 per side)

✨bridges (20 per side)

✨leg lifts to the side (20 per side)

3 rounds in 20 minutes and my legs were burning! What I love about these bands is that they’re durable and don’t dig in or slip like the rubber ones. If you need a band upgrade, here’s where I found them:

Let me know if you try the workout…or the bands!

To your health!!



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