Can fitness be fun again??

This morning I was watching my son run around the soccer field during practice, out of breath from non stop running and yet giggling and smiling so big! It made me think…

My littlest being silly at big brother’s soccer

When did exercise stop being fun?? When did it become a chore for you??

I mean, I help people develop effective exercise programs for a living, I have a wide repertoire of exercises in my mental library, I LOVE how I feel after a workout, and still…I don’t always love working out. (It’s true- it’s work for trainers too)

Somewhere along the way, we learned that exercise is an obligation for us as adults. We need to exercise to stay healthy or fit like we need to work to pay bills or clean our houses. But what if we didn’t…

What if we went back to making exercise a game, a chance to connect with friends, a chance to truly be SILLY and laugh the whole time.

When we do this, we actually end up “getting as much out of a workout” as one of those hard HIIT workouts we feel we have to do every week. We really enjoy the movement, making it more likely that we’ll do it over and over again (and the BEST type of exercise is the one you’re consistent with!!). And we get that extra endorphin high- from working out and from laughing while we do it.

This weekend, I encourage you to make exercise fun again. Take a class you’ve never tried, grab a friend to catch up while you walk or bike ride, play in the snow with the kids (don’t tell me walking up those hills in snow gear doesn’t burn calories!). Dance. Stretch. And laugh the whole time

Hikes and hugs!
Our favorite fun family fitness activity!

I worked out with a friend this morning and later I’m doing a kids yoga workout with my kids. Tell me what you’re up to this weekend for fun AND fitness!!



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