Snow Day Fitness

Ok, if you’re in the New England area like me, you’re experiencing this weekends blizzard and thinking “no way I’m going to the gym!” Or walking outside, etc…

I took the kids outside this morning and was thinking wrestling them into their snow gear should count as my workout. I mean, it REALLY is a workout with my 2 year old…

But, my mental state is SO much better when I get my workout in, so I joined my 12 PM client in a HIIT workout. It felt great, I’m a whole lot warmer, and my energy is about 100x better…

If you’re stuck at home today without much workout equipment, try a HIIT circuit of your own. Or try a Nifty 50” circuits- do each of these moves for 50 repetitions (but not all at once- divide them into manageable chunks and take breaks as needed):

1. 50 muscle makers (some call these “man makers”, but I’ve changed the name)

2. 50 side lunges (with or without weights)

3. 50 cricket climbers

4. 50 push ups

5. 50 touch downs

Put on some show you’ve been dying to catch up on, grab your yoga mat and let’s do this!! (And don’t forget a proper warm up, cool down and stretch).

And then, cozy up by the fire with a book and cup of tea and enjoy that snowfall ❄️❄️❄️

We’re only halfway through the storm. Pretty sure that fence will be buried!

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