Well hello there, 2023…

Can someone please tell me HOW 2022 is almost over already??? Like, how?!

Maybe it’s the fact they I have young kids and never enough sleep 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Or that running the businesses and working my therapy job has my weeks flying by. Or maybe it’s that 2022 was the year we kind of started living again after the strange two years that preceded it. But anyway- here we are. New Year’s Eve and I’m doing what I always like to do- reflect, set intentions and smile at all the beautiful memories.

In so many ways, it was an amazing year for sure.Complete with our first family trip to Disney where we got to see the kids living in pure joy for 8 whole days and lots of other quick trips with family and friends. We started really hanging out with people again, which I’ve realized is essential to my wellbeing. We sent our oldest off to kindergarten and I cried so very very hard. And then quickly beamed with pride seeing how he has adjusted out there in the world without his mama for every moment (who knew??!)

A week of smiles with these kids was one of our best memories in 2022

I’ve also learned so much more about myself this last year. I’ve continued to realize how much my passion for wellness means to me- and how I need it to take a more dominant role in my life (more on that to come). I’ve learned more about my body and mind and resilience and fears- and it’s all shaping me to be stronger and to take control of my health and well-being, when that has felt a bit overwhelming at times in the past. I’ve learned that, in so many ways, I’m responsible for how I think and feel- I own that and I intend to keep on healing, growing and really living.

Now- for intentions. I owe one of my awesome personal training clients for this idea: “23 in 23”-

Maybe some of you have already heard of this- I’m sure the idea is floating around. But basically- you make a list of 23 things you’re going to do 23 times this coming year. Of course it can align with your goals (23 HIIT rides on the Peleton), but it can (and should!) also align with what brings you joy. I can’t wait to read 23 books, call friends and family for long, deep phone conversations, get together with friends more, take long family walks and bike rides, cook 23 new meals, write 23 actual letters to people I love). What about what helps keep you centered? 23 household organization tasks for this girl!

Anyway, as I’m setting my intentions for the year, it feels so good to focus on things that foster joy, relationships, peace…all of which will bring greater health and wealth in time 🙏

My wish for you all is that you are also smiling at a few things that brought you joy in 2022, validating and then moving on from what didn’t, and scheduling in health AND happiness in 2023 ❤️

Cheers! 🥂🥂



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