Pain Free Fitness

No, you’re not alone. Yes, you can have less pain!!

Ok, so we’re a couple weeks into the new year and many people may have started or resumed a workout routine. I applaud all of you for that, but I know that, with increased workouts, sometimes comes increased joint pain. Or, maybe joint pain is keeping you from working out in the first place…
First- you’re not alone. The number of clients I have who have a history of back, knee or shoulder pain is quite large. There are ALOT of reasons we are seeing so many pain conditions, but the important thing to know is- it CAN get better!!!
Here are a few of my favorite tips for promoting good joint health in general:

  1. Strengthen the surrounding muscles to relieve pain on opposing muscles and decrease the work on your joints.
  2. Stretch often and correctly- this increases your range of motion and prevents injury. Include a dynamic stretching routine before any workout and a static stretching routine (where you hold positions for 20-60 seconds per muscle group) after a workout. 
  3. Aim to achieve a healthy weight- every 1 pound of excess weight puts about 4 pounds of excess force on your joints. That adds up. BUT- the good side of this coin…every pound you lose equates to four pounds of excess pressure off your joints!! 
  4. Watch your form and posture, especially if you’re new to exercise of starting back up after a while. It really is worth investing in a personal trainer or some group fitness initially. 
  5. Use non harmful modalities. I get it- we all need the occasional NSAID to reduce pain, but chronic use is linked to GI problems, significant kidney problems, heart issues, cognitive impairment and slower muscle, tendon and cartilage regeneration (exactly what you don’t want to happen if you experience joint pain!). I love a nice mix of ice, heat, acupuncture, cbd, essential oils, epsom salt baths and meditation. 
  6. Try an anti-inflammatory diet- reason number 800 to transition to this form of eating (no lie)! It’s super important to limit processed foods (cereals, breads, crackers, packaged snacks…) and try more of these: cold water fish, fruits, veggies, nuts, olive oil, lentils, beans and whole grains 
  7. Sip some bone broth to support joint health and collagen production while also reducing inflammation. I love a cup of bone broth at night while I’m watching tv or reading- keeps me from eating junk, supports digestive and bone health and enhances the immune system too 👌👌
  8. Start slowwww. I know everyone wants to rush into exercising 5 days a week in the New Year, but focus on walking, stretching and foundational strengthening at first. Every few weeks, increase your intensity and the duration of your workouts. Better yet- work with a trainer who can do all this for you!! 

Here’s to a healthy and active year ahead, friends 🏃🏋🏻‍♀️🏊🧘🏻‍♀️🥾


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