Halloween with a little less fright 🎃🎃

I hope you’re all dancing in the sunshine this Halloween weekend

Hi friends!!

I’m writing this on a sunny Saturday afternoon as watch my son bounce around in his Ninja Warrior class- all full of that natural 6 year old energy that seems truly endless. And I’m sort of wondering…what happens when we add candy to this already endless energy in two days 😂😂

But truly- Halloween is something to talk to my clients about every year. Because, let’s just be honest here…it’s NOT just one day of indulging, is it?? It’s the candy we sneak in when we buy the Halloween candy early, it’s the extras around the house and office for weeks afterwards…

I’ll (mostly) spare you my speech about his truly toxic candy can be. Take it from a recovering obsessed Resee’s fan. Beyond the rush of the sugar high, the ingredients in many popular candies is linked to kidney and liver problems, tumor growth, attentional difficulties and skin concerns (to name just a few). And don’t get me started on the effects to our microbiome- that’s truly a topic I can talk about forever…

But I’m also a sucker for any celebration and Halloween is fun! I want my kids to enjoy it with the carefree nature they should. But I also want us all to feel our best in the days after all that fun. So let’s chat about enjoying this holiday with a bit less of the frightening consequences of eating too much candy…

1. Give me alllll the stickers! First- THANK YOU to all the wonderful people out there who offer non edible Halloween treats!! This is so important for kiddos with food allergies, but many of us moms really appreciate it too. If we can get our kids to collect 1/4 less candy this year, that’s a win! And it’s great for handing out too- I’d sure rather my kids be playing with leftover stickers, stamps, tattoos and spider rings than eating excessive sugar for weeks on end.

My six year old concentrating hard on filling our teal pumpkin – shortly after, he and his sister took EVERYTHING out to play with 😂😂

2. Give it a few days and then give it away! This is an important rule for me. There are so many organizations that take leftover candy, or you can bring it to work. But truthfully, I don’t feel guilty throwing it away- like I said, it’s kinda toxic and no one deserves that.

3. Choose healthier brands– I don’t wanna knock any particular candies, but I implore you to read ingredients. If you don’t know something on the label, do your research. Maybe you’ll still eat it, but maybe you’ll have a few less this year. Or, you can look for healthier versions of your favorites- I love the UNREAL brand for peanut butter cups, m&m like candies and peppermint chocolates 🍫🍫🍫

4. Plan ahead– Halloween is on a Monday this year, which may have you complaining as much as me! But let’s be proactive- I’m taking time this Sunday to meal prep for healthy dinners, breakfasts and snacks- so eating well and packing food for Monday night and Tuesday morning can be as easy as possible.

5. Don’t leave your house hungry- Fuel up on healthy protein, fiber and healthy carbs before heading out trick or treating (and this goes for the kiddos too). A nice warm bowl of chili or brown rice with roasted veggies and some pumpkin seeds can be prepped the night before and reheated super quickly before heading out the door.

6. Never miss a Monday– this is my mantra every week, but seems especially important this year. Plan your workout- and this might mean planning for a morning workout this week, to be sure you get it in. Working out can help facilitate better decision making the rest of the day and raise your energy levels in ways that sugar never can. So let’s all get up and get moving early tomorrow 💪💪

Whether you’re trick or treating with the kids, handing out candy, or binge watching Halloween movies this year, I wish you a super happy, super fun and super healthy day!!

To your health!



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