The one healthy habit you CAN implement this month

Click here for this awesome recipe:

I get it- it’s December and life seems to be getting busier by the minute. The shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the baking, the parties…need I say more?

My clients always feel guilty about all that they can’t get to this time of year- the extensive meal prep, long workouts, long walks…all of it. But I remind them of two things:

1. Can you just celebrate ALL that you ARE doing?? It’s a lot. Like, an overwhelming amount.

2. What are easy activities you can squeeze in this month. We’ve talked about a simple 7 day reset and healthier baking swaps- now let’s talk about something you have to do everyday anyway- drink (water, that is)! Hydration is important for SO many things- circulation, digestion, muscles, joints, metabolism…and much much more.

Now- I get it. Holidays bring with them the temptation to drink lots of other things too- seasonal coffees, hot chocolate, egg nog and likely a bit too much alcohol. I’d never tell a client not to indulge in the seasonal drinks they enjoy- but maybe choose wisely…if you’re drinking a sugary coffee in the morning, skip the booze at night. Also- ALWAYS drink a glass of water in between alcohol drinks. Better yet, enjoy the one and stick to water or seltzer after that (I’ve learned so much about the inflammatory effects of alcohol lately and they’re pretty significant).

And, while you’re working on implementing those changes, sip, sip, sip throughout your day!

Why not start with this soothing lemon water recipe:

Why is lemon water is great for you?

🍋 Lemon is a natural antiseptic, which cleanses bacteria, impurities and even decomposed tissue from your lymphatic system
🍋 provides a potassium boost
🍋 helps prevent kidney stones
🍋 gives you a healthy dose of vitamin C and has phytonutrients helping your prevent oxidation (basically prevents you from rusting from the inside out).
🍋 It helps the digestion process, speeds up waste elimination and promotes healthier bowels.
🍋 Lemon also stimulates the liver’s detox process, which makes every cell in your body healthier.
🍋Supports weight loss
🍋Improves your digestion
🍋Improves your body’s ability to absorb nutrients
🍋Helps to keep your colon healthy.

I love drinking hot lemon water with meals. For variety, add ginger and/or raw local honey to your warm lemon water.

I’d love to hear how you’re staying hydrated this holiday season 🫖💦

To your health!



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